Sabanci Company was founded in 1967 by the Sabanci Brothers; Sakip Sabanci served as President of the Company from 1967-2004. Upon his will and recommendation, after his death, Guler Sabanci, who was mentored by Sakip Sabanci, became the President of the Board of Trustees. The main interests of Sabanci Company include the development of rapidly growing sectors in Turkey such as financial services, energy, cement, retail, insurance, and industry. In addition to Sabanci Company`s own shares, the shares of 10 subsidiaries are publically listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange. Affiliated companies serve in 18 countries and market their products in several regions in Europe, Middle East, Asia, North Africa, North and South America.

Fotoğraf Sakıp Sabancı Arşivi
Sakip Sabanci & Sabanci Company
  • 1948 Sakip Sabanci started his career as an intern at Akbank.
  • 1955 Sakip Sabanci became the Director of Trade in Bossa Flour Factory where he began work as a teller.
  • 1957 Sakip Sabanci became the Vice General Director at BOSSA Tekstile Factory.
  • 1964 Sakip Sabanci became the Chair of the Adana Chamber of Trade and Industry
  • 1966 The establishment of Sasa, the first polyester and fiber factory in Turkey, was a major step in the growth of industrialization in Turkey.
  • 1967 Sabanci Company was founded in honor of Haci Omer Sabanci who passed away in 1966; Sakip Sabanci became its president.
  • 1973 The first cord fabric factory in Turkey was established with 100% Turkish capital.
  • 1974 Haci Omer Sabanci Foundation, which is known today as the Sabanci Foundation, was established.
  • 1981 Ak International (Sabanci Bank PLC), the first Turkish bank abroad, was established in London.
  • 1986 Sakip Sabanci became the President of the Turkish Society of Industrialists and Businessmen (TUSIAD).
  • 1988 Sabancı Center opened.
  • 1988 LASSA, in production since 1974, became BRISA through a joint venture agreement with the Japanese company Bridgestone and Sabanci Company.
  • 1994 TOYOTASA factory opened.
  • 1994 DANONESA was founded in a 50/50 partnership with the world-wide food company, French company Danone.
  • 1994 The hypermarket chain CARREFOURSA was founded with the partnership of the French hypermarket chain Carrefour and Sabanci Company.
  • 1996 BRISA became the first Turkish company to win the European Quality Grand Award due to its high performance in service.
  • 1997 With the partnership of the workers, employers and the union Karcimsa, the first cement plant in Turkey was founded in Karabuk.
  • 1999 Sabanci University started its first academic year.
  • 2000 DuPontSa came into existence as a result of a 50/50 partnership with the Amerikan company DuPont.
  • 2001 With the 50/50 partnership with DuPont, Dupontsa and Dusa International, companies that serve in four continents with 16 factories, were established.
  • 2002 Sakip Sabanci Museum was founded.

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