Photo Sakıp Sabancı Archive

Metin Sabanci Center, which started its activities in 1996, has been established on a total of 35.569 square meters and has a closed area of 18.580 square meters with a new building in 2010.

The facility has been built by Sabanci Foundation on a land assigned by the Municipality of Kadikoy and its usage rights have been transferred to Turkish Spastic Children Foundation. The Center is run by the Directorate General of Social Services and Child Protection Agency and Turkish Spastic Children Foundation.

Metin Sabanci Center, which has been established with the aim to help children and young people gain various abilities by educating and training them at an early age. It provides better care for children and teenagers with special requirements as well as makes them active individuals in life by enhancement and socializing efforts.

In the Center, special training and rehabilitation services, educational studies and programs are conducted, which are led by Turkish Spastic Children Foundation. Metin Sabanci Schools Kindergarten and Primary School were joined to the Center in 2011. In the Center; Social Services and Child Protection Agency provides residential care and rehabilitation services. Children are educated in Ata Primary School of the Ministry of National Education.

Various organizations, cultural and artistic events are organized for the children, teenagers and their families as well NGOs in the center.

Metin Sabanci Center with a conference hall of 168 people capacity, indoor and outdoor sport facilities, workshops and rehabilitation units has reached a new building with the contribution of Sabanci Foundation in 2010.

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