Photo Sakıp Sabancı Foundation

Dilek Sabanci Conservatory was commissioned on 2 November 2007. The President Abdullah Gul’s wife, Hayrunisa Gul, the Minister of National Education Huseyin Celik, the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertugrul Gunay, the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Sabanci Holding Guler Sabanci, and the Member of the Board of Trustees of Sabanci Foundation Dilek Sabanci, the Rector of Selcuk University Prof. Dr. Suleyman Okudan attended to the opening ceremony.

The Minister of Culture and Tourism, Ertugrul Gunay stated “I believe we have found in this conservatory what have been looking for. Konya, long lost in the middle of Anatolia, has regained its character. The city has well deserved this University and this University has well deserved this Conservatory”.

The Minister of National Education, Huseyin Celik, pointed out that Sabanci family had significant responsibilities regarding social projects. Stating that worthy are those who shall keep their esteem even after many centuries Celik added “Ataturk, who regarded the human value as a valuable asset, said “Those who love their country, work the most”. This is true nationalism. Nationalism is neither heroism nor just words. If everyone does what they are supposed to do, the look of this country will immensely change”.

Dilek Sabanci Conservatory has been built by Sabanci Foundation on a total area of 22.500 square meters (closed area 9.700, open area 12.800 square meters) within Selcuk University and has been transferred to the University Administration.

Dilek Sabanci Conservatory, which has a capacity to hold 650 students, provides training in performance arts in main branches of drama and opera and in traditional Turkish music. In addition to its current departments, piano-guitar, stringed instruments, Turkish folk music and Turkish folk dancing branches have begun to operate.

The Performance Hall, which has a capacity of 512 people stage latitude of 15×21 meters and the orchestra pit for 50 people; has been equipped with modern high-tech music and surround systems in order to host various conferences, concerts, drama and opera performances.

The conservatory includes 120 working rooms for students, 80 rooms for the university staff which can also be used for individual instrument classes, a room for little theater and chamber music with a capacity to hold 112 people, a classroom with 4 stages, 3 dancing rooms, a make-up classroom, a recording studio, a decoration workroom, a library, an amphitheater, as well as costume and decoration warerooms. The 300 square meter foyer is also used as a cafeteria.

Located within the Selcuk University, the Information Processing Center is named as “Sakip Sabanci Computer Center”.

For further information : konservatuvar.selcuk.edu.tr/