Türkan Sabancı

Turkan Sabanci, who had been Sakip Sabanci`s partner for 47 years, explains her charitable character in these words: “As the Sabanci Family, we are happy as long as we can be charitable for our country and its people through the institutions we establish. Our love for our country keeps us alive along with the desire to serve Turkish society.” Turkan Sabanci was President of the Executive Board of the Turkish Heart Foundation and has supported the Caba Organization, UNICEF, Turkish Police Support Foundation, Turkish Educational Foundation (TEV), Cancer Foundation, The Foundation of Developing Technological Education (TEGEV), Haydi Tut Elimi Foundation, Kayseri Fraternal Association, Turkish Liver Foundation, and Turkish Foundation of Spastic Children. Her founding the Turkan Sabanci Primary School for the Visually Impaired earned her the 2001award of Mother of Light in. She also made the construction of Bebek Park in Istanbul possible. Her speeches always emphasize the importance of supporting social responsibility projects.

Fotoğraf Sakıp Sabancı Arşivi
Dilek Sabancı

Dilek Sabanci who shouldered the mission of her father, serves in the Board of Trustees of Sabanci Foundation and Turkish Foundation of Children with Spastic Paralysis. She is also a member of the Turkish Foundation of Children with Leukemia, the honorary president of the Turkish Special Olympics, and the Turkish Special Atheletes Federation. Suvari Barracks, a historical building, in Mardin’s city center was restored by the Sabanci Foundation upon Sakip Sabanci`s will and turned into a museum. The Art Gallery in the first floor was named after Dilek Sabanci because of her many contributions. The museum has been open to the public since the 1st of October, 2009. Dilek Sabanci is also the chair of Vista Tourism and Travel Agency which she founded in 1989.

Metin Sabancı

Metin, born in 1970, is the second child of the Sabanci family. His spastic paralysis and mental disablities from birth led to his parents ensuing committment for his treatment and their ensuing establishment of the Metin Sabanci Spastic Children Rehabilitation Center. Sakip Sabanci embarked upon this research due to a conversation with Senior Engineer Muammer Dolmaci who said, “Because you had the means you could try every way you could and learned the reality of this illenss. It is your responsibility to help out those who don’t have the means and therefore think there is hope behind the doors that they cannot open.” Sakip Sabanci’s discovery of the absence of institutions for children with spastic paralysis in Turkey led to his 1976establishment of the Metin Sabanci Spastic Children’s Rehabilitation Center.

Sevil Sabancı

Sevil Sabanci, the second daughter of Turkan and Sakip, served in the Sabanci Company Executive Board from 1997-2001, after receiving her BA in Management from Marmara University. She undertook this responsibility again in 2004 and has since then been serving in the Sabanci Company Executive Board. She is also a member of Board of Trustees at the Sabanci University and the Turkan Sabanci School for the Visually Impaired which was founded by her mother. Sevil is also a member of the Executive Board at the Sabanci Museum. She is particularly known for her achievements in equestrian activities and was the vice president in Turkish Equestrian Federation in 2005-2007. In 2023, they became the Turkey Champion in the Adult Pro Riders category. She has been contributing to the training of young jockeys and development of equestrian activities in Turkey with the S International Equestrian Center she founded in 2005.

Grand-daughter Melisa Taban

Melisa Tapan, who was born in 1993, is Sevil Sabanci`s daughter from her marriage to Eran Tapan. Currently a junior student in London’s Richmond University Business School, she is majoring in international education and minoring in psychology. In 2001, Melisa won the Young Inventors Competition with her project Forests Also Need to Shower. Her early exposure to art via tutors such as Bayram Candan, Meral Akmut, and Hüseyin Çoban has led her to create sculptures in wood and metal in addition to oil paintings. Following her mother’s footsteps, she has been engaged in equestrian activities, participating in a number of international, national, and local competitions such as CSI-W-Leipzig, Germany in 2008 and Turkey’s Championship, in Ankara in 2006.