This book, prepared by architect-painter-cartoonist Güngör Kabakçıoğlu as a 70-year-old gift to Sakıp Sabancı, includes more than 180 cartoons drawn by Sakıp Sabancı in various periods related to Sakıp Sabancı's life, life views and promising words.

Güngör Kabakçıoğlu:
Born in 1933, Güngör Kabakçıoğlu graduated from the Painting and Architecture Department of the State Academy of Fine Arts. In 1961, he graduated from the Department of High Architecture. Having made many architectural works, Kabakçıoğlu drew caricatures for the newspapers Tercüman, Akşam, Güneş and Yeni Yüzyıl. He has received awards in architecture, painting and cartoon competitions and has served as a jury member.